The Quilt Project
Posted on May 5th, 2014

I can now finally say that I have finished my quilt. Took me so many hours, I was at a point where I wanted to pull out all of my hair I must admit. I got there in the end. QuiltPieces



And now for the finished project.


All done! At last!

Yesterday as a change of scenery I went to Bournemouth. I must admit, I got a little “Crispy” and I wearing a few layers of makeup to make it look less apparent today.


There is nothing better than lemonade next to the beach. Wonderful!


That I believe is a sea god and his fish, Its a mosaic heading in the direction of the town near Bournemouth beach.

Nicky x

Making my own wardrobe/ Dress shirt. +Florestry Course
Posted on March 10th, 2014

Wedding Florestry Course and making my own wardrobe

I started a wedding florestry course about 3 weeks ago now(my third week is tomorrow) and I really enjoying it. Why weddings? Well, I wanted to do a short course to give me a taster of florestry and I don’t object at all to the topic being weddings.

The first week we did buttonholes:


I am still not good at these at all and need some practice. This one above is not my creation but the tutor(Which is cheating to put this one up but I needed a good example).

Last week we made table decorations:TableDecor

What I lacked in mine was that I did not have enough foliage. I had very little. But in my defense I don’t really know what flowers are what. Rose and daffodil are about the extent of my knowledge. Now after the table decor session I am starting to get a little more of a grasp of the names.

Table Decor Pieces

Out of the 5 mine is the one in the center. The feedback that I received from my tutor was:

“Could have done with more foliage”

“Small flowers could be cut lower to frame bigger flowers”

I appreciate getting constructive criticism and I could see what she meant.

On another note, I did attempt to sew myself a shirt. I have never done that before and as I am a stubborn cow I dislike instructions. So I made myself a pattern the part I was struggling with was the collar, which I managed, but I then made a mistake and cut a chunk out of my shirt and now its unusable. So frustrating. I also stupidly managed to put the button stand on wrong.

I have bought some new fabric so that I can make another shirt, I am not giving up on shirts just yet. ShirtAttempt

You probably can’t see very well in the image, but basically the fabric on the button stand is the wrong way round so I have the wrong side of the fabric showing. Not good.

Aside from that I had been enjoying the sun! Its been so rainy ad depressing the sun came out and I felt like it was Christmas or something. So happy!

Nicky x


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Making my own wardrobe
Posted on February 25th, 2014

Making my basic wardrobe

When I started at college I was well on my way to having a good deal of pieces in my little clothes collection that I made myself, but over the past two years I gradually weeded them out. I blame my fabric choices. When I went fabric shopping I didn’t think “would I wear this in two years?” I tended to go for whatever fabric jumped out at me. Now I have a different perspective.

I must say, I am still bad sometimes when I go fabric shopping. I do gravitate towards some pretty wacky prints sometimes, which makes me wonder if it is hot-wired into my DNA.

So, I am going to attempt to make my own wardrobe. Which I find very exciting! I feel as if I have some power, it is indeed over myself but still.

Stripey top1

This is the third item of clothing that I have ever constructed out of jersey. I had never used it before and to be entirely honest had gravitated away from it. For some reason I had a slight phobia. It is different than other fabrics, but its not worse to work than a very slippery satin or a chiffon.

What I would say is that before I attempt any more jersey attire I am going to wait to get myself a walking foot for my machine. I would like to see if that makes a difference.

This top that I made I used my over-locker for most of the construction. When it came to the armholes and the neckline that’s where my sewing machine came in. That is also where I feel there could be improvement.


What I mean when I say that I feel the walking foot could improve the construction, if you look at the image on the right above you can see that the armhole and the neckline look a little ripply, the foot that I was using due to the stretch of the jersey just put more stitches because of the stretch. While if I had a walking foot it would not have make it so.

Nicky x

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DIY Men’s Jumper to Cardighan
Posted on February 17th, 2014

DIY Men's jumper to cardighan

Hello all!

Now this is the jumper that I bought two weeks ago intending to give it a good makeover. I must say I am happy with how it turned out. It also could not be easier to do.


The buttons I found on Ebay, they are brass and I love the texture they have. They also go very well with the mustard color of the jumper.

Pin Center Seams


To make this as perfect as possible it is important to make sure that the cut is straight down the center front. So pin the side seams together and lay the jumper as flat as you possibly can.

Cut Down Centre


You have to take the plunge and cut . Take your time with it, if you rush you are likely to get a wonky line and then the finished product wont be as good as it can be.

Pin Wonderweb


Two things you need to remember with this step, one, you need to have the same measurement of wonder-web for both sides. If not one will be longer than the other as knits stretch. Two, once you turn it over measure all the way down the sides to make sure that the amount you have turned over is even. Mine was 0.5″.



Wonderweb is basically a plastic that melts when heat is applied, so don’t put your iron directly on it of it will become attached. What I did was press along making sure not to put the iron too near where it was sticking out slightly(You need it to a little so the edge won’t fray). Once it had started to melt I flipped it over and pressed from the other side.

Sew on Details


This part is optional, I feel though that it added the finishing touch.


Finished Product


So thank-you all for viewing. If you try this upload it somewhere and send me the link. I will add it to my pinterest wall.

Nicky x

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Vintage Fair
Posted on February 13th, 2014


Hello all!

Last weekend, at the end of the weekend I went traipsing along to a vintage fair. I had never been to a vintage fair before so I really didn’t know what to expect.

So, the fair started at 10 in the morning and we got in there at about, I would say it was 10 past 10, already there were a good amount of people. 30 minutes later it was heaving.

I guess why I struggled with it is that I always go to a place thinking about a certain something that I want or that I need, there was nothing I had in the front of my mind that I needed, but on the other hand there were things that I saw that I wanted.


When I am charity shopping, I am a bit cheeky. I either walk around with the items that I am umming and arring about. Or, I hide them, its naughty I know but I put them back if I don’t want them. I just feel like I need time to think about it sometimes. When its stalls I didn’t have the choice because I couldn’t walk around with an armful of clothes.

Another thing that I do is that when examining clothes I look all over the garment, look at the care label(if there is one, its not ideal not to have a care label), look for holes, stains. I look for anything that would make it unfit for purpose. People look at me like I am a weirdo but what I do is needed.

They were lovely there, really keen for people trying things on, really chatty, they were smiling. I was bombarded with such a huge arrays of styles and eras that I think it just blew my mind a little.

I am going to say now that I came out of there with nothing, there were two things I saw that I really should have gotten though. This beautiful beaded 1920’s clutch. It felt so dainty and delicate. Silk lined. Also, this military inspired black jacket in need of a re-vamp. I really should have bit the bullet and paid up for that one.

There were a good number of designer vintage pieces there, a yellow moschino jacket(the reason I was not tempted so much with this one is there were some holes in it. If it was a piece that had a more grungy look to it it would have added to the charm, but it was designed to look simple and chic, so for me that was a no no. I also came across a vintage Ralph lauren coat, a few other Ralph lauren items also.


Make decisions fast

Looking back if I went to a fair again(Which I will) I will be a good deal faster to make up my mind, because when its gone its gone and I can’t go and hide what I am liking the look of.

Well, that’s that, my vintage fair experience.

Have you ever been to a vintage fair?


Nicky x

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